OpenVPN in 5 minutes! (Linux)

OpenVPN in 5 minutes! (Linux)

PROBLEM: I have Ubuntu machine and I would like to use it as a VPN server.
SOLUTION: Easy 5 minutes setup!

[?] What is VPN?

1.0 Find your IP (it has to be public), in my case it is (example)


2.0 Download script

2.1 Runs the script!

Use IP address you discovered in step 1, use port 1194 (standart OpenVPN port). Pick your favourite DNS service and put name of the first user (client). And you are done!
Script will add some firewall rules and create all config.

3.0 Connect to VPN!

Configuration file (.ovpn) should be found in your home folder, just copy it to your endpoint device (PC) using e.g. SFTP (How to do it), Import and Connect!

4.0 Add more users?

Just run the shell script again!

5.0 Find more here!

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