DYI – Van de Graaff generator – cheap version? [in progress]

DYI – Van de Graaff generator – cheap version? [in progress]

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I hate long intros, but if you never heard about Van de Graaff generator (VdG), read/watch below:


Special #kudos for this guy, I learned a lot from his tutorial


Part 0 – Part list

I’ve decided to go as cheap as possible, so I ordered some parts from eBay and bought some things on sale. I will keep the list in the Google Sheet and update it accordingly. 🙂

Please note, I am from the Czech Republic, so I will refer sometimes to Czech stores (OBI etc.), you can definitely find similar parts in local shops in your country. Also very small parts like nuts or washers.


Part 1 – The Beginning!

First of all, I split bigger plywood into two parts – 26×45 cm and 26×26 cm square. And I drilled 4x 8mm holes in the corners. The bigger is the base and the smaller will hold the pipe.

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