Why I like MacBook and macOS

Why I like MacBook and macOS

DISCALIMER: This post will be updated during time

I use MacBook for a few months I have to respond to questions “Why do you hate MacBook” quite often. But to be honest, there are some things I really like!

Note: I am using Macbook Air 2019, 13″, i5 1.6 GHz, 16 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD

1. Terminal

I am working as a developer/DevOps so I have wide experience with Linux (8+ year) so I was missing Terminal on Windows the most, on Linux I had some issues with driver/graphic interface etc. Using macOS I can leverage from the terminal syntax and features and do not worry about keeping the system “not broken”.

1.1 Brew

I have to make a separate point about this because Brew is fucking amazing and I cannot imagine work effectively without this tool.

2. Keyboard

I am using 2018 Macbook Air and the keyboard is perfect! I am aware of issues with the keyboard in terms of quality…

3. Application Installation

Install the app with a simple drag and drop and most of them can be uninstalled in the same way?

4. Trackpad

Build quality and the surface is perfect. I can use the trackpad the whole day without issues. Large, with no sharp edges and feedback set just enough.

4.1. Trackpad click

I love the way trackpad work. It does not perform a mouse click on finger tap, you have to press the trackpad. Very handy.

4.2 Zoom

Zooming everything with just “two fingers” gestures is absolutely awesome. I just cannot imagine browsing the web without this feature.

5. Display

The display is magnificent. View angles are perfect and the quality is cool.

5.1 Brightness control

I have never experienced the possibility to switch monitor “off” by setting the brightness to the lowest level. And the burst mode when on direct light is awesome.

6. Application launcher

This is one of the most amazing things on macOS. I replaced default application launcher with Alfred which can do more things than just launch apps (full-text search, mathematics operations etc.) and I cannot imagine working without it.

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