Connecting the Raspberry Pi Zero W/WH to WiFi

Connecting the Raspberry Pi Zero W/WH to WiFi

Recently I bought a Raspberry Pi Zero WH, and I wanted to connect it to my WiFi, but first 5 guides from Google were not working well, so I wanted to share the approach I used using raspi-config.

0. Get ready Raspbian on the Pi

And connect to it using ethernet or plug in the monitor to it via HDMI.

1. Get ready SSH

You can do this using sudo raspi-config (5. Interfacing options/P2 SSH) or using

Default credentials
username: pi
password: raspberry

2. Run sudo raspi-config

Select 2. Network Options / N2 WiFi and provide with country you live in*, SSID and password to your WiFi.

*this is neccessary because of different frequencies used across countries/continents.

3. Getting the IP


You can find IP in your RPi under wlan0.

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